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Submitted on
September 5, 2006



Devious Journal Entry

Tue Sep 5, 2006, 7:47 PM
Well hello there! :wave:This is my first journal entry. Im not much of a writer so up until now I thought Id spare you. But I have been having such a good time reading other peoples journal and looking at their amazing artwork, that I thought Id let you know I think this place is FANTASTIC.

I am a fairly new member to DeviantArt but an old member of the art community in general. I have made a lot of sweeping changes in the past few months and finally the dust is settling.

I moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Los Angeles, California. I use to work with a fun bunch of videogame artist at Raven Software and Human Head. I moved with my lovely partner who has found work at Blur studios and I thought I'd find something out here too.

But then lighting struck twice, first my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I spent a month with her while she went through treatment. She was almost fully recovered by the time I left then... SHAZAM! :eyepopping:In July my arm got dislocated so badly that I'm going to need orthopedic surgery. No job for me until surgery and physical therapy is over. :shrug:

But there are some really good things to come out from this.I have time off to make some art! :ahoy:

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I hope that Nancy is okay and tell her I said hi.
SiPod Sep 10, 2006  Professional General Artist
Sounds like you've had quite a year so far.. :)
my arm wishes you well too
Glad you are here, despite the rocky path that ended up bringing you here. Hope things go uphill for a while, and good wishes to both your mother and your arm!
thanks for reading that very long entry.Things should be getting better, how is your show doing?
Well, Im not sure! I havnt really seen it yet.
It was up Friday, and they were closed Mon and Tues, and I was busy today. Tomorrow I will see.
Its not in a Gallery, so there wont be any big opening, but a lot of people will see it, even if I make no sales or anything. We shall have to advertise! ;)
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